Here at CAPS, we value your story and experiences.  Therefore, holding what you tell us in confidence is very important.  We serve as a resource to students in a time of need, and worrying about who knows your business should not be something to add to your concerns.  

Some students ask if their information will be shared with parents, teachers, friends, or classmates.  In the majority of cases, no one outside of you and your therapist will know what is discussed in therapy sessions.  The exceptions to this include:

  • You present with a significant level of danger in regards to harming yourself or are in danger of attempting/committing suicide
  • You present with thoughts and feelings of wanting to harm another person
  • You disclose that abuse or neglect is occurring to a vulnerable individual (child, elderly adult, someone with developmental disabilities, etc.)

In Georgia, if you are under the age of 18 years old, a parent/guardian is required to initiate services.  Even though a parent/guardian is allowed access to your counselor and can discuss concerns by law, each CAPS counselor strives to retain as much confidentiality during the treatment process.  This is discussed with each student and family member during the onset of counseling.

If you have been sexually assaulted and want to seek counseling, CAPS can provide confidentiality when others can not.  CAPS is not a mandatory campus reporter when it comes to sexual assault situations.  Please refer to the Title IX section for more information.