How can I access WellConnect?

WellConnect Services are EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE to Mercer Students in Douglas/Henry-based programs. Just call the number below and IDENTIFY your location - "Douglas" or "Henry" - when accessing WellConnect services and resources.

WellConnectForYou.com     866-640-4777

What can I expect when I call WellConnect?

WellConnect counselors are available 24/7 to listen to your concerns and share recommendations for resources and services. Check out the links below to see the range the issues that WellConnect can help you to address. In addition to counselors, WellConnect can help connect you to financial, legal, and other resources. 

Why are there separate links for Douglas and Henry locations?

Because Mercer has enlisted WellConnect services exclusively for these regional sites, you need to follow the lnks associated with your Mercer site to access services through a unique access code.  The services are the same, but the access code is unique.

Learn even more in this ORIENTATION VIDEO

WellConnect Video