AWARE History

aware history

AWARE has a storied history here at Mercer.  The peer education program started back in 2002 and has steadily grown since that time.  Many programs have been completed and many presentations given.  AWARE has survived because of the significant support the program has received from CAPS, administration, the faculty/staff, and the students.  As we continue to build AWARE's history on this site, please feel free to contact us if you were a previous peer educator at Mercer.


The leadership of AWARE is the backbone that keep the program strong.  The Lead Peer Educator (LPE) is the coordinator and liaison for AWARE.  Many times the LPE has been able to receive internship/practicum credits for their hard work and dedication.  This leadership has evolved as AWARE has grown.  Here is a list of the LPEs that have served AWARE well:

Year Name
2002-03 Stephanie Turner
2003-04 Stephanie Turner
2004-05 Allison Smith
2005-06 --
2006-07 --
2007-08 Rosharde Bryce
2008-09 Samantha Steele
2009-10 Samantha Steele
2010-11 --
2011-12 Laura McKenzie
2012-13 Sarah Black
2013-14 Charmaine Robinson
2014-15 Forrest Corbett
2015-16 Tracy Rosch
2016-17 Katelyn Herman & Carina Plasencia
2017-18 John Franco & Amy Varghese

Beginning in the fall of 2013, AWARE welcomed a new form of leadership to the group through the formation of committees.  Four committees were designated to represent the four areas that prove to be the most task-laden for AWARE members.  These committees consisted of Marketing, Outreach/Programming, Recruitment, and Safe Spring Break.  During this transition, every AWARE member was asked to serve on at least one committee.  Each committee would then designate a chair (or co-chairs if the committee was large).  The role of the chair was to be a liaison between the committees and the LPE.

Mercer Advisors

AWARE has had four advisors since the group's inception.  CAPS clinical staff members have served in this capacity since 2002.  The advisors have been (with titles at the time):

Years Active Advisor
2002-2007 Jeffrey Henderson, Ph.D.
2007-2008 Emily Piassick, Ph.D.
2008-2011 Shaun Kell, LMFT
2011-Present Brent Meyer, Ph.D., LCSW