Engaged Bears

SAVE: Sleuths Against Violence through Engagement

  • Mercer University does not tolerate sexual discrimination or sexual violence and has policies in place to address situations when they occur.

  • Students may report violations of policy to a range of individuals (see brochure)

  • Unlike Georgia law, Mercer defines consent in the context of sexual activity. This definition would apply in any instances in which the college is investigating and hearing a case of an alleged policy violation.

  • The standard of evidence in disciplinary hearings is the Preponderance of the Evidence (more likely than not), which is a lower threshold than what is required in a criminal case.

  • Students may access their location-specific brochure to identify counseling services if they wish to discuss potential violations or trauma confidentially.

  • Mercer encourages students to consider effective strategies and safe interventions to help reduce the risk for violence and help maintain a safe and healthy community 


For more about...

Strategies for risk prevention and intervention, please click here. 

Reporting violence, abuse, or stalking and understanding consent, please click here

Engaged Bears to Eliminate, Prevent, and Address Violence and Stalking Printable Brochure.


Mercer University Title IX

Pronounced "chee gung".

According to the National Qigong Association, this "Moving Meditation" reduces stress, promotes calm, balance, and rejuvenation.

Julie Cannon, with Mercer Atlanta CAPS, is a certified Qigong instructor. She led classes for the first time this past year, and is planning new classes for Fall 2018.

If you have any questions, contact Julie by phone: (678) 547-6060.




Julie held a Qigong class outside on the Quad during

Mental Health Awareness Week in October.


Open your mind. Manage your stress. Learn mindfulness practices and meditation.

Organized by Mercer Atlanta CAPS counselors, Mindfulness groups are organized at different times during the school year for Mercer students.

These groups meet four times over a 4 week period.  

Contact Julie Cannon to learn about future sessions or to ask questions.

She is available via phone, (678) 547-6060.

Mindfulness Group Fall 2018

Mercer CAPS worked together with Mercer SNPhA to host a Mental Health Awareness Week on Mercer's Atlanta campus in October 2017.

Each day, a different event was held: art therapy, DIY stress balls, mental health trivia, Qigong on the Quad, and a Refugee Health Fair.

mental health week 2017

Atlanta CAPS Printable Brochure

Contact the Atlanta CAPS office for more questions about programs offered to Mercer students: (678) 547-6060.

You may also contact the Associate Dean of Students' Office for more information: (678) 547-6824.

Mindfulness Group Fall 2018

Information About Past Event:

Campuses are having difficulty linking high-risk alcohol and drug prevention efforts to sexual assault prevention efforts under Title IX. How can we constructively discuss the role of alcohol in the context of Title IX without victim blaming? 

Sexual assault affects everyone on campus: men, women, members of the LGBTQ community, etc.  How might health professional students (and other licensed professionals) be at specific risk?

Professor Peter Lake, a Title IX expert, discusses the weaponization of alcohol as one method used by perpetrators to prey on victims and the specific issues affecting graduate and professional students.  

Contact Bates Canon of Atlanta CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) for more information:

(678) 547-6060.